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Listen & Earn

Support your favorite musicians and get rewarded for promotion & listening to music.

Become full participant in the creative process. Invest directly in the creation and promotion of releases.

How it's work for listener / collector


Purchase collectible token (NFT) of musician's release. By purchasing you support musician directly.

Minted tokens are backed by royalty paid to musician by streaming platforms.


Connect your regular music app: that way the platform can account for your listening to purchased music release.

Just listen & promote chosen release.


Every billing period `Seniorage` grab part of musician royalty and divide it between listeners.

Thus, the more listenings, the bigger royalty fund and more reward you will get.

Basic features

  • Users gets reward for actions that lead to an increase income as musician as users themself.
  • Collectible token (NFT) is proof of participation in project. It can be sold as on marketplace as on p2p way.
  • Collectible tokens (NFT) are issued on public blockchain — so transfer of ownership of these tokens is truly transparent and confirms by network validators

About Seniorage

Seniorage is web3 app with built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi features which helps musicians to connect with their fans, get financial support and ensures a synergetic effect in the promotion of music.

Powered by smart-contracts running on public blockchain platform provide transparency of most operations. With unique `Listen & Earn` feature Seniorage connects offline World to Web 3.0 and provide ability to get rewards by listening to favorite music.

Litepaper / coming soon /