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Your listeners — your power

  • Get financial & promo support from your listeners.
  • Use power of your fans to promote releases at streaming services.
  • Receive financial investments in new releases on a mutually beneficial way.
Who is `Seniorage` for?

Creating without thinking about money is the dream of every creative person.
Now your audience can directly support your projects and ideas.

It's platform for independent musicians, music managers, artists and (sometimes) for record labels. `Seniorage` provide transparent way to connect with listeners to boost statistic on streaming platforms and as a consequence increase royalty income.

How it's work for artist / musician


Define part of the release royalty which will be shared with your fans.

The Reward fund will be formed from these funds.


Mint collectible tokens (NFT) and sell them to your audience.

You determine cost of collection and amount of income you will get.


Every billing period users will be rewarded for promotion and listening to your release.

Basic requirements

  • Proof of copyright
  • Compliance of the release with regulations of the streaming services

Platform is totally free for musician to start: no setup or connection fee. Also we cover blockchain network fee for minting tokens.

About Seniorage

Seniorage is web3 app with built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi features which helps musicians to connect with their fans, get financial support and ensures a synergetic effect in the promotion of music.

Powered by smart-contracts running on public blockchain platform provide transparency of most operations. With unique `Listen & Earn` feature Seniorage connects offline World to Web 3.0 and provide ability to get rewards by listening to favorite music.

Litepaper / coming soon /