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Listen & Earn

Support favorite musicians directly and be rewarded for promoting & listening to their tracks.


Creators get financial & promo support directly from their fans.
Without record labels and crowdfunding processes, on a mutually beneficial and transparent way.

  • Mint collectible tokens of release and sell it directly to listeners
  • Share part of release royalty with their fans


Fans earn while listening to favorite music.
Unique opportunity to support musicians and influence new releases.

  • Support musicians by purchasing collectible tokens
  • Get reward for promoting & listening to music in familiar app
About Seniorage

Seniorage is web3 app with built-in Game-Fi and Social-Fi features which helps musicians to connect with their fans, get financial support and ensures a synergetic effect in the promotion of music.

Powered by smart-contracts running on public blockchain platform provide transparency of most operations. With unique `Listen & Earn` feature Seniorage connects offline World to Web 3.0 and provide ability to get rewards by listening to favorite music.

Litepaper / coming soon /